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We help you avoid the marketing money pit and achieve audacious goals!

Certified StoryBrand Guide

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How Professional copywriters
Enhance your business

Save Time.

Our professionals use the power of story to create marketing solutions that work. You get to focus on your business.

Protect Your Reputation.

Our writers and editors help you avoid costly mistakes that can make you and your business look unprofessional.

Save Money.

The faster you can connect with customers, the further you'll stretch your hard-earned marketing dollars.

Ask Yourself..

Am I missing opportunities and wasting valuable marketing dollars with messages that miss the mark?

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We understand the marketing process can be time-consuming and overwhelming. And sometimes, you’re so close to your day-to-day tasks that it’s hard for you to simplify your message.  Our experienced professionals craft effective marketing materials that can quickly connect with your customers and help your business grow.


Step 1

Schedule a Call

We’ll schedule a free, 30-minute call. During your call, we’ll talk about what’s most important to your customers and which strategies will be most effective to grow your business.

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Step 2

Create a Plan

We’ll do a complete marketing assessment and give you a detailed plan. We’ll help you write copy that sells, and give you specific recommendations about how to use it to make your website, sales funnels, and email campaigns more effective. We’ll also tell you exactly how much it will cost if you’d like us to create and implement your new marketing campaign.

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Step 3

Get Growing!

Your new sales and marketing materials will be up and running, and working for you day and night. We’ll help you track your results and celebrate with you as you see high-quality leads coming in and bigger numbers on your bottom line.

5 Simple Steps to

Creating a Winning Sales Funnel

If you want to jump start your marketing success (and learn what a huge difference the right message can make), start with this


The right words boost your bottom line


We simplify the marketing process by first writing copy that helps your audience understand what you do and why they should do business with you.

Once you know what to say, you (or we!) can use that message to draft copy for websites, email campaigns, and lead generators to create lasting relationships with your customers.


Our creative network includes not only professional writers, but also designers, webmasters, and videographers who understand the power of storytelling.

Dream big! Owner Elaine Acker is an award-winning writer and Certified StoryBrand Guide. She helps clients just like you avoid the marketing money pit and achieve
audacious goals!

What Others are Saying

Competition is fierce and being precise with your marketing message is the key to growing revenue. In my former role as an association executive, and now as a consultant, I've worked closely with Elaine Acker. I know she understands how to connect with members and customers. She's helped me with everything from marketing collateral to event scripts and videos, and she always makes my life easier.
Gary G. Godsey
Executive Consultant
Writing a book is a daunting task. When I started the book Soiled Rotten: Keyhole Gardens All Year Round, I was passionate about sharing my love of keyhole gardening. But I just couldn't get out of the scientific language to make the information accessible. With her writing, editing, and custom publishing expertise (and good sense of humor), Elaine was able to manage my project and make the book a reality.
Deb Tolman
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